Contact Policymakers

It’s important that our state’s policy makers hear from people just like you, who are educated on an issue and care deeply about the decisions they make. Medicaid needs advocates to speak out to state policy makers and let them know there is real value in the program for all Coloradans.

Contacting Governor Hickenlooper

Gov. Hickenlooper receives letters, phone calls and emails at the following addresses. The quickest way to register your thoughts is via email at one of the two forms below.

John W Hickenlooper, Governor
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792

(303) 866-2471

» Email form to express and opinion on an issue

» Email form to express and opinion on a piece of legislation

Contacting your state lawmaker

State lawmakers need to hear from their constituents as they make crucial decisions on Medicaid. Consider reaching out to yours.

If you need help finding your state maker, visit the Colorado General Assembly’s website, where you can find your state lawmaker and their contact information.