fall 2013
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This fact sheet shares information about why health reform is a continued investment that is and will continue to make Coloradans healthier.

Key Dates

Health Care Reform Dates

October 25, 2013, Comments Off

This fact sheet lists several dates Coloradans need to be aware of with the new Connect For Health Colorado health insurance marketplace and changes t ...

Understanding FPL

Understanding the Federal Poverty Level

October 25, 2013, Comments Off

The federal government issues annual guidelines defining the poverty level for the United States, which is called the Federal Poverty Level or FPL. A ...

Key Facts

Health Care Reform Key Facts

October 25, 2013, Comments Off

Here are some key facts about health care reform and what is at stake.

  • 101
    Colorado’s Health Insurance Marketplace 101
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    Colorado’s health insurance marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado, is a brand new, one-stop online marketplace where Coloradans can shop for and compare health insurance plans. Here is some information about ...

  • Picture4
    CCHI Reform Overview
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    The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative created this one-page health reform summary that shares everything you need to know about how to get health insurance.

  • IOF Medicaid Basics Block
    Medicaid Basics
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    Medicaid pays for doctors’ visits, hospital bills, prescription drugs, long-term care and other health needs if an individual or family meets eligibility criteria. Here is some information on how it ...

  • Medicaid Eligibility
    2014 Medicaid Eligibility Graph
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    This graphic shows who, in 2014, will be eligible for public insurance under the Medicaid expansion.

  • IOF Managing Costs Block
    Medicaid & Managing Health Care Costs
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    Medicaid’s value to Coloradans is to provide affordable, accessible health care, but it is also one of Colorado’s largest budget responsibilities. For Medicaid to be sustainable we must find ways ...

  • IOF Working Families Block
    Colorado’s Working Families & Medicaid
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    Who would be helped if Colorado offered Medicaid to more working families? Here are the types of Coloradans who could benefit if Colorado takes full advantage of the opportunities available ...